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Where am I? Why am I so quiet? There have been a few things I wanted to do and couldn't on LJ. So I've started a 2nd blog. http://cyn-knits.blogspot.com/ . I will still ramble here mostly, but my knitting will be there. :)

Welcome to my new blog or journal or whatever these things are called.

I have been wanting to start one of these for a while, but I've never been that great with such things. So we will see how it goes.

A bit about me, I am an American living with my wonderful husband in Norway. I've got 2 children that also live with us. One is from a previous marriage. My ex is/was a wonderful man who has been great support of my new life abroad. (Yet something has gone strange now. I think it is his new wife and the baby she says is his.) :( Anyhoo...

I am an NOT a mainstream type parent and I have very little tolerance for alot of what is deemed "normal". Now don't get me wrong I am a live and let live also. My views are strong so if you disagree with me thats fine. Just don't expect me to smile and nod. I'm not shy about letting my thoughts known. Also I'm not here to change the world so if I don't give out my views don't worry, they are still as strong as ever. :)

So if you still here... Welcome to my Journal! :)


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