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You must take the good with the bad. That is what I have always been told.

The good the miracle...

My grandfather was diagnosed over 5 years ago with Alzheimer's Disease. It got bad fast. By this year he was in a wheelchair, couldn't read, or talk more than a couple non-understandable words, and he had no memory of me or anyone else he loved.
Then one day my aunt saw something on TV and found out they could be wrong. It took about 3 months and he got checked with a doctor that knew about what else it could be. He was scheduled for surgery and within hours he was becoming his old self. (I am being a bit vague since I don't remember the name and how it all specifically happened)

So I was on the phone yesterday with a man that I never thought I would talk to or remember my name again. My grandfather, in a coherent conversation, told me he loves me!

Acceptance of how life can be...

Threw all this time, the one person that was there and was strong and cared for him and loved him... My grandmother. A month ago got her husband back. (yes it took a month before I got to talk with him again)

Earlier this week he looked at her and she didnt look well. He knew he couldn't take care of himself so he call the police. They came with an ambulance and took her to the emergency room where she ended up having 2 heart attacks. The first was mild, but the 2nd hit her hard.
Now my mother is with them and they have done all they can. They did a brain scan and it shows sever brain damage. She cannot focus, I am told it is like she cannot wake up from sleeping. (I am in Norway and cannot get to the states to be with them)

My grandmother has never shown fear and has always excepted that she would leave us someday. One of her request has always been to let her go when it is her time, meaning no machines.
So yesterday after talking to the doctors, the family was called and a priest. She has been given her last rights and all the family has had a chance to talk to her and say what they would like to her.
I have spoken to my mother and asked her to talk to her for me. To tell her what is in my heart and how I love her.

So today I am making a Pork roast, a dish she taught me and at 4pm (Norway time) I am lighting a candle and celebrating the life she had and that I had the privilage of being a part of it, being her grandaughter.
That is when they will take her off life support.

I love you mi Abuela! always and forever!

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